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100_3851According to wikipedia, DeviantArt started as a site connected with people who took computer applications and modified them to their own tastes, or who “deviated” the applications from the originals designs. As the site grew, members in general became known as “deviants” and submissions as “deviations”. I love browsing the talented online communities where people showcase their work.

I guess the name “Deviant Art” sort of inspired this book. It’s about an art teacher, who ends up taking advice from a young gothic student. This was a fun story to write!

Description: My arrogant wife has unwittingly released the dominant beast within me, and there is no turning back now! She has let her lucrative position of authority go straight to her head, and now her vanity must face humility. Thanks to an imaginative and talented new student in my class, she will soon learn that I am still the one that wears the pants in the family! Caution: Extremely explicit BDSM.

Excerpt: I had a million more questions, but knew I was crossing the line. The whole concept was not only intriguing but enthralling. To see my Andria in a helpless, submissive state would be the ultimate fantasy. Of course she would never agree, being the power hungry bitch that she is. All sorts of devious thoughts began crowding my brain. Andria is just a little thing. I could easily over power her if I wanted to, and there would be nothing she could do about it.
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Alpha Males


I ‘ve noticed that many women have patterns of self-defeat. It seems that some of us cling to the idea that maybe having a strong male in our life could make all the difference! These stories contain exaggerated circumstances following those types of situations. These are NOT humorous books, and delve into topics such as depression, rage, suicidal tendencies, alcoholism, and self-torture.

Three BDSM stories including: Making of a Masochist, Stalking Kate, and Soul Mate Slave. In this collection, these poor women suffer from debilitating self-defeat and lack of self-worth.They will need a dominant figure in their lives to save them (quite literally) from themselves…before it’s too late! Caution: Contains severe BDSM activities and situations and extremely explicit sex. 18+ only. These can be purchased in a bundle by clicking here: Or you can type in the titles to buy individually.

Maintenance Spanking

When I first heard about maintenance spanking, I was appalled. I mean, why would a submissive be punished if they are doing everything right? As I learned more, and spoke to people in the lifestyle, I realized that for some, it is a necessary means for keeping things moving along in a forward direction. Often the dominant one will sense that the submissive has become so comfortable in her new role, that she actually begins to take things less seriously. I wrote this over the top story with these ideas in mind. My husband LOVED this book. Jeez, I wonder why?  

Angel has worked hard at becoming the submissive wife that her husband needs. Her recent independence has caused her to neglect her primary responsibilities.
When her therapist (and friend of her husband) recommends maintenance spankings, she becomes outwardly disrespectful. Drastic measures must be taken, including
harsh corporal punishments, sexual domination, and forced orgasm. Angel’s husband decides to take her on a three week excursion to gain back his authority, and remind her of the pleasures (and pain) of being his submissive wife. She is shocked when he decides to take their domestic discipline relationship a few steps forward, and incorporates a wide array of BDSM
activities and practices. She endures much affliction at the hands of her husband, but soon realizes that he has her best interest in mind, and begins to enjoy serving her new master. Please view the video of this story. Explicit material, 18+ only! Read the book here:









The Sub Club

the sub club

Since I do this more as a fun hobby than a giant money-maker, I don’t bother with big investment things like fancy software or designers for my covers…and I guess it’s kind of obvious. However, I thought this one turned out kind of cute! Yes, I know it’s a bit artsy-fartsy, but I still had fun creating it!

Be careful what you wish for! Join three best friends in their quest to liven up their boring, unsatisfying sex lives. Things may get a little too hot to handle when the husbands decide to take things a bit too far. They will soon begin to wonder if they have made a terrible mistake! Warning: Although written in a comedic manner, this book contains very explicit
sex and BDSM activities. Read more here:

Village of the Dominant Ones

Cover for 'Village of the Dominant Ones'Cover for 'The Male Utopia'Cover for 'The Kindred Wives'

I think a common female fantasy is to go back in time; where things were less complicated. I have often found myself wondering what it might be like to live in a time where the men wore the pants in the family, and the biggest, most important responsibility was to take care of your husband, children, and your home.

I think in our wiser minds, we realize that life would probably suck in the long term…but it would be cool to visit a place or time like that for a little while. In this day and age, there is so much pressure on women to succeed, that sometimes the little (but very important things) can be viewed as a sign of weakness or ignorance.

What if you were praised for your spotlessly clean house? Your perfectly behaved children? Your superior cooking skills? I’m not talking about a nice complement here and there. I’m talking about a way of life where those things determined your status and identity as a woman in general.

I think I would relish the idea…that is until I realized that maybe I am just as smart, talented, or capable as my husband, and not permitted to show it!

I wrote these books with these ideas in mind. The setting is a modern one, but the premise that ALL women shall except the leadership of the men is there, whether the women agree to the lifestyle or not. It made for some pretty hot writing and reading!

Learn more about these books and read a sample here:

Short Description:

Village Of The Dominant Ones, The Male Utopia, and
The Kindred Wives. These three stories explore what it might be like in a
society where men have complete and total dominion over the women. The question
of who wears the pants in the family is no longer relevant, as the men in these
tales will surely prove! Warning: Intense BDSM, domestic discipline, and
extremely explicit sex in every form.

Confining Angel

When I first started writing the Angel series of books, I never imagined my brain could eventually lead me to something so wickedly sadistic. Confining Angel was the end result of what started as an innocent domestic discipline story. In all honesty, I guess it was just my way of keeping up with the more adventurous erotica writers. At any rate, I’m happy I wrote it…it came out quite HOT!


Angel’s husband and her sadistic (Though well-intentioned) therapist are extremely concerned about her. Fears come to fruition when she gets into a terrible car crash, and has a mental breakdown. She is given an ultimatum. Either go to a perfectly vanilla in-patient psychiatric hospital, or let them use their own brand of therapy  in the basement-turned-dungeon at their home. She chooses the latter. Will she regret it? Angela’s doctor is no ordinary psychiatrist. He is also a former dungeon master of an exclusive BDSM club. He combines his skills to help Angel and her husband come to terms with everything that has happened. His unique treatment will consist of severe bondage with velcro, rings, and plywood boards, as well as harsh corporal punishments. She will also have to endure torturous sessions of visualization stimulus, whilst being subjected to bizarre forms of cognitive behavior therapy. This book is intended for adult entertainment purposes only. Graphic depictions of bondage, beatings, erotic sex, forced orgasm, anal, prescription drug use, suicide attempt, oral, Nyotaimori, and ultimate confinement are found throughout the 16,000 words of this book.

Punishing Her Past

Ever wonder what it might be like if your significant other could see all the evil things you may have done in you past? I’m pretty honest about my past, however some things are best left unsaid!

In Punishing Her Past, Jack is living the American dream. He has a happy marriage to a beautiful submissive wife, two great kids, and a decent job. Everything changes when he begins having sexually explicit nightmares about his wife. When he starts to see the ugly truth, he decides to make her act out each dream, and punish her severely for each one. He is shocked to find that her erotic past not only infuriates him, but also turns him on! Jack learns that spanking her ass fiercely and brutally not only relieves the anger, but makes him burn with passion. Maybe he has the best of both worlds? Read at:

Erotic Fairy Tales

I’ve always loved fairy tales! I thought it would be fun to transform a couple of my favorites into erotic adult versions!

Beautiful Ella begins working as a servant girl for the wicked sisters that live in the mansion on the hill. There, she will endure harsh treatment at the hands of the evil women, as they try to rile her in their perverted ways. Follow her tale of hardship and happily ever after in this twisted, erotic version of Cinderella. Warning: Explicit! All characters over 18.

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Poor Snow has fallen victim of her wicked stepmother, the queen. She must learn the pleasures (and pain) of a man if she is going to save the kingdom. Follow her tale of hardship and happily ever after in this twisted, erotic version of Snow White. Warning: Explicit! All characters over 18.

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Poor Belle has fallen victim of a hideous beast in an effort to rescue her father. She must learn the pleasures (and pain) of being his prisoner if she is going to save her father and herself. Follow her tale of hardship and happily ever after in this twisted, erotic version of Beauty and the Beast. Warning: Explicit! All characters over 18.

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Video post

Warning: Adult content. This ebook is available on It is intended for entertainment purposes only. It is a domestic discipline story with mild elements of bdsm. If that sort of topic offends you, please do not read this book! However, if you are in a safe and commited relationship,  and practice DD, you will love this book! Music by Escape the fate, The webs we weave.


Hello blogging world!

This is my very first post! I’ve decided to start blogging as a way of keeping track of my books, as well as meeting some like-minded writers and readers of erotic fiction. I would also LOVE to hear from those who practice domestic discipline or the more sinister BDSM activities or lifestyle. I realise there is a big difference between the two, but in any case, I tend to write about both!  Eventually I will disclose how things operate in my house. Anyway, I look forward to making some new friends! Descending Angel was the first story I wrote, and it is available for free on, Barnes & Noble, Sony, and a few other scattered placed on the web. Since it was my first ebook, the writing is a bit rocky and could use some polishing up, but the story itself is a good one if you are interested in, or practicing domestic discipline. Enjoy!