My name is Angela Rose. I have always enjoyed reading and writing erotic fiction. Most of my work has a romantic element to it, and in most cases the couples that I write about will always be in love or married. To me, that adds to the spice of the book as well as taking on a deeper meaning than random sexual exploits.

I’m starting this blog in order to keep track of my books, as well as meet others who are interested in reading, writing, or practicing, domestic discipline or BDSM activities. If this sort of thing offends you, please don’t read this blog, as much of what I write about is graphic in nature and should be viewed by those over 18 only! I hope that once I get the hang of this blog thing, and add more content, that I can make many new online blogging friends!


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  1. Irishey says:

    Welcome to blogging, Angela. I saw your blog’s introduction by Bonnie at “My Bottom Smarts,” along with my blog and several others, I’ve added you to my follow list. That’s not a plea for you to reciprocate. I’m not an author and my blog is fairly tame – not much fodder for story lines at my place! 😉

    If you’ve been reading around the ttwd blogs very long, I’m sure you’ve noticed there are several authors of short stories and novels about spanking erotica, bdsm, ttwd/dd, etc., who have their own blogs and comment on those who are living the ttwd life, or hope to. These are some very nice and supportive women, so you’re joining great ranks.


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