Cops, firefighters, and soldiers, oh my! Let’s face it, men look stunningly handsome in uniform. That is probably one of the reasons that the erotic fiction genre often incorporates men in uniformed positions. Add in some strip searches, handcuffs, or unscrupulous officers and you have yourself a bizarrely kinky BDSM story.

Police Brutality
Sergeant Maximilus Steele is the best damn cop the city of Oak Park had ever seen. He’s reliable, honest, and most of all, a topmost hard ass. His confident dominance is one of the things that truly attracted Eva to him in the first place. Things are different now. He has let the power of his position go to his head, and his wife must endure his own brand of sadistic justice. Warning: Extremely explicit BDSM activities.

“Get undressed.” he demanded, handing me a few generic toiletries. I could feel his eyes watching intently as I slowly removed my clothing. I turned the water on, and let out a gasp. “Max, the water…it’s freezing!”

“Not a word out of you!” his shout echoing through the large room. I quickly lathered up with soap, shuddering as my teeth began to chatter. The water pressure was extremely strong, and jetted harshly against my back like a winter ice storm. “Make sure you get especially clean between your legs Eva.” he told me from the doorway. I brought my soapy hands between my thighs, and glanced up at him watching me…

Available at smashwords.com, Barnes & Noble, etc. Read a free sample here: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/269237
anal, bdsm, submission, spanking, erotic fiction, whipping, dominance, oral, domestic discipline, workplace sex, handcuffs, alpha male, cavity search, baton, angela rose


About eroticfictionwriter

Avid reader and writer of short erotic fiction with domestic discipline and BDSM themes!

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