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What is it about doctors that turns women on? The short answer? EVERYTHING! They’re usually rich, professional, and have an arrogant presence that we just can’t seem to get enough of. In Doctor Feelgood (BDSM Medical Fun Pack), I have bundled three erotic medical tales with a strong BDSM twist! Not for the faint of heart…

Doctor Feelgood (BDSM Medical Fun Pack)
Three stimulating tales of medical BDSM, sure to make the reader squirm and fidget! Experimental Medicine, Sexsomnia, and Doctor Patient Relationship contain extremely explicit acts of hardcore and lively spanking, appalling bondage, and all sorts of kinky sex in and out of a medical setting. Caution: 18+
Read free sample Here:

Experimental Medicine
When Kayla reluctantly agrees to participate in a sexual medical study with her husband, the line between pleasure and pain becomes massively blurred. She must endure harsh corporal punishments and forced orgasms if she is going to receive the much needed check from the clinic. Her husband seems to be enjoying this a bit too much! Read free sample here:

Masculinity is a normal part of healthy manhood, and sometimes when a man is pushed to his outer limits, deviant thoughts can arise in his subconscious mind. Join Claire, as she endures unexpected consequences for unknowingly creating an aberrant sexual monster! Read free sample here:

Doctor Patient Relationship
Marissa suffers from Female Orgasm Disorder. Visits with ruggedly handsome Dr. Kramer have been futile thus far, but this is about to change. His unorthodox approach will bring her to a whole new level of ecstasy using a mind/body approach that incorporates a wary blend of pleasure and pain. They will both come (quite literally) to discern that this is much more than a doctor patient relationship! Read free sample here:

Tags: anal, bdsm, bondage, humiliation, pony play, dubious consent, whipping, oral, forced orgasm, domestic discipline, voyerism, medical erotica, medical bdsm, angela rose, vibrator play, prolonged orgasm


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Avid reader and writer of short erotic fiction with domestic discipline and BDSM themes!

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