nice guys finish last
Studies like the one in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology suggest that
women choose bad boys because their hormones make them. When ovulating, more women chose the bad boy type rather than the responsible, good provider type. Why is that? Perhaps we think they will make better long term relationships? More virility? Better sex? Who knows. I thought it was interesting to note, that when women were picking out mates for their best friends, they chose the reliable and responsible men for them. Go figure! Personally, I’ve always been attracted to the bad boys, but somehow I always knew I deserved better than the guy who is always getting in trouble, partying, or even getting violent.
When writing Nice Guys Finish Last, I played with these ideas a bit. The main character finds a nice balance between being responsible and being a smoking hot bad boy. Here’s the description:
Like a moth to a flame, Nicole was drawn to bad boys, thugs, and players. She has a little bad girl inside of her, an unbridled wild beast that needs to be tamed. I knew there was a fine line between danger and passion, and I needed to harness a large dose of masculinity if I was going to make her hot, horny and mine. My confidence will be her aphrodisiac as I become the bad boy of her dreams.
anal, bdsm, bondage, spanking, humiliation, domestic discipline, alpha male, switching, forced submission, angela rose, water play, shower orgasm
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