When I first heard about maintenance spanking, I was appalled. I mean, why would a submissive be punished if they are doing everything right? As I learned more, and spoke to people in the lifestyle, I realized that for some, it is a necessary means for keeping things moving along in a forward direction. Often the dominant one will sense that the submissive has become so comfortable in her new role, that she actually begins to take things less seriously. I wrote this over the top story with these ideas in mind. My husband LOVED this book. Jeez, I wonder why?  

Angel has worked hard at becoming the submissive wife that her husband needs. Her recent independence has caused her to neglect her primary responsibilities.
When her therapist (and friend of her husband) recommends maintenance spankings, she becomes outwardly disrespectful. Drastic measures must be taken, including
harsh corporal punishments, sexual domination, and forced orgasm. Angel’s husband decides to take her on a three week excursion to gain back his authority, and remind her of the pleasures (and pain) of being his submissive wife. She is shocked when he decides to take their domestic discipline relationship a few steps forward, and incorporates a wide array of BDSM
activities and practices. She endures much affliction at the hands of her husband, but soon realizes that he has her best interest in mind, and begins to enjoy serving her new master. Please view the video of this story. Explicit material, 18+ only! Read the book here: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/237833










About eroticfictionwriter

Avid reader and writer of short erotic fiction with domestic discipline and BDSM themes!

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