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I think a common female fantasy is to go back in time; where things were less complicated. I have often found myself wondering what it might be like to live in a time where the men wore the pants in the family, and the biggest, most important responsibility was to take care of your husband, children, and your home.

I think in our wiser minds, we realize that life would probably suck in the long term…but it would be cool to visit a place or time like that for a little while. In this day and age, there is so much pressure on women to succeed, that sometimes the little (but very important things) can be viewed as a sign of weakness or ignorance.

What if you were praised for your spotlessly clean house? Your perfectly behaved children? Your superior cooking skills? I’m not talking about a nice complement here and there. I’m talking about a way of life where those things determined your status and identity as a woman in general.

I think I would relish the idea…that is until I realized that maybe I am just as smart, talented, or capable as my husband, and not permitted to show it!

I wrote these books with these ideas in mind. The setting is a modern one, but the premise that ALL women shall except the leadership of the men is there, whether the women agree to the lifestyle or not. It made for some pretty hot writing and reading!

Learn more about these books and read a sample here:

Short Description:

Village Of The Dominant Ones, The Male Utopia, and
The Kindred Wives. These three stories explore what it might be like in a
society where men have complete and total dominion over the women. The question
of who wears the pants in the family is no longer relevant, as the men in these
tales will surely prove! Warning: Intense BDSM, domestic discipline, and
extremely explicit sex in every form.


About eroticfictionwriter

Avid reader and writer of short erotic fiction with domestic discipline and BDSM themes!

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