When I first started writing the Angel series of books, I never imagined my brain could eventually lead me to something so wickedly sadistic. Confining Angel was the end result of what started as an innocent domestic discipline story. In all honesty, I guess it was just my way of keeping up with the more adventurous erotica writers. At any rate, I’m happy I wrote it…it came out quite HOT!


Angel’s husband and her sadistic (Though well-intentioned) therapist are extremely concerned about her. Fears come to fruition when she gets into a terrible car crash, and has a mental breakdown. She is given an ultimatum. Either go to a perfectly vanilla in-patient psychiatric hospital, or let them use their own brand of therapy  in the basement-turned-dungeon at their home. She chooses the latter. Will she regret it? Angela’s doctor is no ordinary psychiatrist. He is also a former dungeon master of an exclusive BDSM club. He combines his skills to help Angel and her husband come to terms with everything that has happened. His unique treatment will consist of severe bondage with velcro, rings, and plywood boards, as well as harsh corporal punishments. She will also have to endure torturous sessions of visualization stimulus, whilst being subjected to bizarre forms of cognitive behavior therapy. This book is intended for adult entertainment purposes only. Graphic depictions of bondage, beatings, erotic sex, forced orgasm, anal, prescription drug use, suicide attempt, oral, Nyotaimori, and ultimate confinement are found throughout the 16,000 words of this book.


About eroticfictionwriter

Avid reader and writer of short erotic fiction with domestic discipline and BDSM themes!

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