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The Wickedly Wild West

wickedly wild west2
What’s not to love about the old west? Trailblazers, outlaws, and lawmen ran the show. I imagine the painted ladies, the saloon prostitutes, and the hard drinking, whisky loving cowboys with their strong resolve and ruggedly good looks. Throughout history, a large handful of vivacious, toughened-up women have also contributed to history. Calamity Jane, Annie Oakley, and Pearl Hart to name a few.

The Wickedly Wild West (A BDSM Tale)
When it came to hell raisers, Jane took her place alongside the likes of Jessie James or Wild Bill Hickock. Her rough and tumble mannerisms and penchant for gun-slingin’ and whiskey chugging, has earned her quite the reputation. A chance encounter with a handsome drifter may change all that…that is, if he doesn’t end up dead first! Explicit sex, BDSM activities, and hardcore domestic discipline.

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Indecent Proposal


When I first saw the movie Indecent Proposal years ago, I was intrigued. I had to ask myself what I would do in a similar circumstance. I am an avid believer in the fidelity and monogamy of marriage, however, in dire financial circumstances…and with an off the charts, good looking guy like Robert Redford? Mmmm, I don’t know.

Abuse Of Power (Hardcore BDSM Tale)

Faced with a moral dilemma of epic proportions, Nick and Ellie make a decision that puts a price tag on their marital fidelity, putting their love to the ultimate test. Nick comes to find that he is not quite as broad-minded as he imagined, and if they stay together, it’s not because they forget, but because they forgive. Follow their tale of awakening in this twisted version of “Indecent Proposal.”

“The week with me will come and go, but the money and mortgage pay-off could last a lifetime.” Mr. Black argued his point. “We should go. I think things have gotten a bit out of hand. Let’s pretend this conversation didn’t happen.” Ellie said, wiping the corner’s of her mouth with her napkin, and standing up to leave. “Sit down Mrs. Ellie.” Mr. Black commanded firmly. “Sir, with all due respect, nobody talks to my wife that way.” Nick told him boldly. “Fine. You’re both fired.” he sneered.

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Men In Uniform

Cops, firefighters, and soldiers, oh my! Let’s face it, men look stunningly handsome in uniform. That is probably one of the reasons that the erotic fiction genre often incorporates men in uniformed positions. Add in some strip searches, handcuffs, or unscrupulous officers and you have yourself a bizarrely kinky BDSM story.

Police Brutality
Sergeant Maximilus Steele is the best damn cop the city of Oak Park had ever seen. He’s reliable, honest, and most of all, a topmost hard ass. His confident dominance is one of the things that truly attracted Eva to him in the first place. Things are different now. He has let the power of his position go to his head, and his wife must endure his own brand of sadistic justice. Warning: Extremely explicit BDSM activities.

“Get undressed.” he demanded, handing me a few generic toiletries. I could feel his eyes watching intently as I slowly removed my clothing. I turned the water on, and let out a gasp. “Max, the water…it’s freezing!”

“Not a word out of you!” his shout echoing through the large room. I quickly lathered up with soap, shuddering as my teeth began to chatter. The water pressure was extremely strong, and jetted harshly against my back like a winter ice storm. “Make sure you get especially clean between your legs Eva.” he told me from the doorway. I brought my soapy hands between my thighs, and glanced up at him watching me…

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Medical Erotica

doctor feel

What is it about doctors that turns women on? The short answer? EVERYTHING! They’re usually rich, professional, and have an arrogant presence that we just can’t seem to get enough of. In Doctor Feelgood (BDSM Medical Fun Pack), I have bundled three erotic medical tales with a strong BDSM twist! Not for the faint of heart…

Doctor Feelgood (BDSM Medical Fun Pack)
Three stimulating tales of medical BDSM, sure to make the reader squirm and fidget! Experimental Medicine, Sexsomnia, and Doctor Patient Relationship contain extremely explicit acts of hardcore and lively spanking, appalling bondage, and all sorts of kinky sex in and out of a medical setting. Caution: 18+
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Experimental Medicine
When Kayla reluctantly agrees to participate in a sexual medical study with her husband, the line between pleasure and pain becomes massively blurred. She must endure harsh corporal punishments and forced orgasms if she is going to receive the much needed check from the clinic. Her husband seems to be enjoying this a bit too much! Read free sample here:

Masculinity is a normal part of healthy manhood, and sometimes when a man is pushed to his outer limits, deviant thoughts can arise in his subconscious mind. Join Claire, as she endures unexpected consequences for unknowingly creating an aberrant sexual monster! Read free sample here:

Doctor Patient Relationship
Marissa suffers from Female Orgasm Disorder. Visits with ruggedly handsome Dr. Kramer have been futile thus far, but this is about to change. His unorthodox approach will bring her to a whole new level of ecstasy using a mind/body approach that incorporates a wary blend of pleasure and pain. They will both come (quite literally) to discern that this is much more than a doctor patient relationship! Read free sample here:

Tags: anal, bdsm, bondage, humiliation, pony play, dubious consent, whipping, oral, forced orgasm, domestic discipline, voyerism, medical erotica, medical bdsm, angela rose, vibrator play, prolonged orgasm

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Romantic Bondage?

BDSM can be an extremely sensual and loving act between two people. While it’s fun to read and write about castles, clubs, and Master/Sub type relationships, I think some of the best stories are about couples who are married or are falling in love. Maybe I am biased a bit (I am married), but think of it this way: If you are in any form of relationship, you and your partner have already exhibited and practiced some degree of trust. Trust that your partner won’t break your fragile heart. Trust that they won’t leave you for your minor indiscretions and idiosyncrasies. Even trust that they want what’s best for you. In a domestic discipline or even hardcore BDSM relationships, trust is an integral part of the arrangement. Writing steamy romance is a challenge for me, but it became easier when I incorporated some ideas and activities that take an enormous amount of faith in the Master or dominant partner.

Wedding Spankings (BDSM Romance Bundle) A Juicy collection of three BDSM romance stories, including: In His Defense, Stockholm Syndrome, and I Hate Myself For Loving You. Find out how bondage and discipline can go hand in hand with steamy hot romance! Caution: Contains extremely explicit sex in multiple forms, and many BDSM techniques and activities.
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You can also look at these separately.

In His Defense
His attractiveness was off the charts for sure, but his confident demeanor was something I was not at all accustomed too. In my chosen profession, I played the dominant role and have reduced burly bikers to sniveling pussies on the witness stand. What was it about Luke Mitchell? And why did I desperately want to win this case for him?
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Stockholm Syndrome
After the explosion, all Anna could think about was her Master. She ached feverishly for his dominant touch, no matter how harsh it could be. It wasn’t because he was rich or strikingly handsome; it was the fact that he had swept her up into his world in a single instant, and now she would belong to him forever.
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I Hate Myself For Loving You
Heartbroken Zoey could no longer endure the pain of losing her only true love. She will make herself atone for her sins. Punish herself cruelly until she simply gives in to death. But in a twist of fate, when mortality comes knocking at her door, she is uncertain and frightened. Zoey must face the most dangerous and terrorizing experience of her life if she is going to start anew.
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Nice Guys Finish Last

nice guys finish last
Studies like the one in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology suggest that
women choose bad boys because their hormones make them. When ovulating, more women chose the bad boy type rather than the responsible, good provider type. Why is that? Perhaps we think they will make better long term relationships? More virility? Better sex? Who knows. I thought it was interesting to note, that when women were picking out mates for their best friends, they chose the reliable and responsible men for them. Go figure! Personally, I’ve always been attracted to the bad boys, but somehow I always knew I deserved better than the guy who is always getting in trouble, partying, or even getting violent.
When writing Nice Guys Finish Last, I played with these ideas a bit. The main character finds a nice balance between being responsible and being a smoking hot bad boy. Here’s the description:
Like a moth to a flame, Nicole was drawn to bad boys, thugs, and players. She has a little bad girl inside of her, an unbridled wild beast that needs to be tamed. I knew there was a fine line between danger and passion, and I needed to harness a large dose of masculinity if I was going to make her hot, horny and mine. My confidence will be her aphrodisiac as I become the bad boy of her dreams.
anal, bdsm, bondage, spanking, humiliation, domestic discipline, alpha male, switching, forced submission, angela rose, water play, shower orgasm
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Inner Deviance


I never cease to amaze myself with my thought process at times. Seemingly innocent childhood and little girl friendly movies, books, and games have become a source of inspiration for VERY adult BDSM fiction.
I find it amusing to twist versions of certain stories to fit an erotica audience. Names of characters, parts of the storyline, and genre can be mixed up in defiantly sadistic ways to create a very entertaining read without even coming close to breaking any original copyrights. I recommend everyone try it at least once. Think of the possibilities! Fairy tales, musicals, cartoons, classics, even comedies!

Annie (An Adult BDSM Tale)
Sometimes you just have to be willing to endure a little pain to get to your happy ending. Follow a determined woman’s hardship, and ultimate dream come true, in this twisted erotic version of the classic “Annie.” (Some names have been changed for originality) Warning: Contains graphic BDSM activities and explicit sex and language. 18+ only. Read a free sample here:

The Liberation Games
Independence and the pursuit of happiness no longer exist for the tromped upon female race. In the ruins of a place once known for freedom and equality among the sexes, lies an abandoned town set up for the sole purpose of The Liberation Games. Here, five women will compete to win back their freedom, enduring harsh and cruel tests by men in this new, male dominated society. (Graphic BDSM and sex) Read a free sample here:



Most psychiatrists and medical practitioners regard fetishism as normal variations of human sexuality. Inanimate objects, such as a red scarf, or a certain pair of boots may start a fascination brewing, that can lead to arousal. For some it may be a certain scenario, or situation that they play out in their head many times over until they are able to “act out” the fantasy.

For some, it can be a certain body part, a particular type of person, or the mere shape of something. There are different degrees of fetishism…mild to extreme. Common to extremely unusual or even a bit bizarre. Leather, latex, and rubber are common materials that may spark fetish-like thoughts.

In The Fabulous Fetish Boys, I write about a few fantasies, extreme fantasies, that may or may not be considered fetish worthy. These included adult baby, alien tentacle monster, bondage, and more. The story was written in a light hearted narrative, making it a fun read. You can read a free sample here: